Hello there. I'm 26 year old female who adores the internets, has a husband, cats, and a baby. I play GW2 on Anvil Rock with my husband so that is where most of my free time is spent. As this is my personal blog I will be posting things that I enjoy. This will mostly be my cosplay, final fantasy, anime and/or manga I enjoy, and random lulz. I'm incredibly shy until I get to know someone, but let's be tumblr friends, hai hai?

favs: cosplay. shana. fanille. final fantasy x.xii.xiii.xiv. fate/zero. honey and clover. macross. dalshabet. space brothers. chihayafuru. guild wars 2.

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excuse me while i scream into the night sky wailing my feelings as they resonate across the moon and back



twirlmadly asked:
❤ ♪ ❤

Closing time, every new beginning,
Comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Closing Time by Semisonic


I fall upon the earth
I call upon the air
But all I get is the same old vacant stare”

Crystal Ball by Keane



Attack On Animegacon 2013 (by D Piddy)

This might be my favorite cosplay of all time. 

Matt and I ended up making our characters very similar without even paying attention to what the other was making. I am sad that he is taller than me though. Stupid maximum height Lady Roe’s are shorter than maximum height Man Roe’s. 

Considering I normally play cute characters, I’m surprisingly really liking her. I just need to find a good name for her. I think we are going to make new characters on Diablos server to play with friends and then keep our legacy characters on a non-Hyperion server. I just can’t invest the same amount of time into this game as I did on Kaurin. 

I’m moving to Tuscon and I need to clear out some of my collection. Here is the first batch of manga I’m selling:

Ceres: Celestial Legend 1-14 (Complete Set)
D.N.Angel 1-2
Fushigi Yugi 1-18 (Complete Set)
Eerie Queerie 1-4 (Compete Set)
La Corda d’Oro 1-4
My Heavenly Hockey Club 1-3, 5-6
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days 1-6 (Complete Set)
Shaman King 1-3

Please visit my Ebay listings ~~» Here

Any reblogs for visability would be appreciated!


Kacey look replace this with Tucson

Oh my god, this is so true. 

Someone posted this on FB. All I can say is true story, bro.

"i’ll tear down the sky if it’ll save her"

Back from Vacation

I’m back from an insanely busy 10 day trip from Nashville > Tuscon > Seattle > Idaho > Seattle > Nashville. I’m not even going to try and catch up with my dashboard since you beautiful people post like there is no tomorrow.

We found a place in Tuscon so we are ready for our move in August! We technically have the place in July, but we are going to wait til after my birthday to make the ridiculous drive with a baby and four cats. It’ll only be about 3 days of pure hell in the car. 

Matt is defending this thesis *right this very second* … Hope everything goes well! 

Will be there with bells on~~~!

Current Anime

I think I am watching more currently airing anime than I ever have in the past. In no particular order… 

  • Space Brothers
  • Hataraku Maou-Sama
  • Chihayafuru 2
  • Attack on Titan
  • Haiyore! Nyaruko-San W
  • Gargantia
  • Aku no Hana

And then we are also watching Orguss. That is a lot of anime. x.x;; 


Main character Mikimoto watercolor

Went to the Mikimoto panel at Animazement this year. He was very interesting to listen to. He said he prefers Minmay instead of Misa because Misa seems to be the type to go in and rearrange your bedroom without your permission. He also said that until he did the character designs for Macross he had never drawn a male character so he had difficulties making the Zentradi.

He did a Minmay illustration for the art auction and it sold for $3,200.00!