Hello there. I'm 26 year old female who adores the internets, has a husband, cats, and a baby. I play GW2 on Anvil Rock with my husband so that is where most of my free time is spent. As this is my personal blog I will be posting things that I enjoy. This will mostly be my cosplay, final fantasy, anime and/or manga I enjoy, and random lulz. I'm incredibly shy until I get to know someone, but let's be tumblr friends, hai hai?

favs: cosplay. shana. fanille. final fantasy x.xii.xiii.xiv. fate/zero. honey and clover. macross. dalshabet. space brothers. chihayafuru. guild wars 2.

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Day 8: The character you are most like:

I will be honest with you, I love my OTP but Katniss was hard to grow on me. After my husband read the series I figured out why. Katniss and I, well… we have extremely similar faults. I’m not gonna say omgah I’m like Katniss because I can kill squirrels and I’m all honorable and would save my family because I love them so dearly etc etc, but we are stubborn as hell, we sometimes lash out without thinking, quick to anger, very sentimental, loyal to the point of being a fault, and we can’t handle high heeled shoes worth a crap.  

Day 7: A scene that made you cry:

I had to think about this as just the entire feeling of the books made me want to cry, especially in Catching Fire, but the winner is probably when they announced how the third Quarter Quell was going to work. I just thought the devastation that followed Katniss was heartbreaking. 

Day 6: A scene that made you laugh:

TINY CAT FEELINGS. I don’t remember which book it was in, but I liked it. It made both me and the husband laugh because we talk about our cat and his tiny cat feelings all the time. 

Day 5: Your favorite fight/battle scene:

Ah this is hard, but I think I am always going to go back to the whole tracker jacker incident in book one. Having had minor burns before, Katniss is by far a more resilient woman than I am to not only be able to scale up that tree but to saw off part of a tree. I also enjoyed the careers facing hardship. And Katniss and her strange hallucinations. And then Peeta saving the day. 

Day 4: A character you love that everyone hates:

I don’t really love Snow, but I don’t really hate him either. 

Day 3: A character you hate that everyone loves:

Well, I don’t really hate her, but I still don’t like Prim. Cutting for Mockingjay spoilers.

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Day 2: Your least favorite character:

Unpopular opinion is unpopular, but I don’t really like Prim. I mean, she has a goat and a cat and that is pretty cool and all, but she is just far to fragile for my tastes. 

Day 1: Your favorite character:

This is going to be unusual for me since my favorite character is actually a male for probably the first time in my life. That being said, my favorite character is Peeta. I really enjoyed his character. Plus he bakes bread, and I like bread like woah.